Thursday, March 7, 2013

slaving for bread, sir

Delaware Park 

A backyard garden in Allentown 

My boyfriend's dog, Bandit 

 Rochester, NY
Karma at the Albright Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo
These are some of my favorite pictures off my instagram, @emmclipse.  I hope to get back into posting once this week is over...tomorrow.  I have an essay on despair in the works of Soren Kierkegaard (read!  Especially if you're into existentialism, Christianity, and just straight-up awesome writing and philosophy) due sometime by Saturday morning.  I'm pretty good with writing papers on literature, but philosophy papers are another sort of demon.  I never know how much criticism or interpretationg I'm supposed to do.  But, I'm holding onto the fact that I researched and wrote a nine page term paper in one day, on a philosopher I never read before, and got a B- on it at my last university. 
Starting Friday at 1:50pm....

Spring break, bitches!

Monday, March 4, 2013

black and white and lace and flower crowns

After coming home late this week-end.

Black and white blouse Forever21 $15 / Purple skirt PacSun Gift / Polka dot socks Forever21 $5 / Brogues Indigo by Clarks Gift
The last three pictures are my work-outfit from yesterday.  Cat wanted to get in the photos, but once I picked her up, you tell she really isn't very pleased.  I got a nice pair of dress pants from work because they were super on sale.  They're not anything I would usually pick out because their totally wide-legged and teal, but once I put them on they looked really lovely.  They're high-waisted with little sailor buttons.  I have to take them in a bit because their just a tad too long, but they were only like $8 so no biggie.
So, I see that flower crowns are super in at the moment.  I also saw that Urban Outfitters is charging like $20 for one.  Well, here's a super quick DIY to avoid being ripped off for something that literally costs about $5 to make.  Tea and I had made flower crowns last summer, so here's mine:
(Sorry I don't have pictures of the making-in-action, but we didn't have a blog at the time, and they're super easy anyways so you should be able to follow.)
You need:
Fake flowers (I found that the larger ones look nicer than the buds)
Floral tape
Maybe pliers, depending on how bendy your stems are
A spool of lace
Pick a flower that's got a nice stem and use that for the actual headband part.
Wrap it around your head to get it in the shape you want and secure with the floral tape.
Pick of the flowers from their stems that you want to use, and either totally arrange them around the main stem at once, or arrange as you go.  Secure each with floral tape.  I just wrapped the tape a few times around the intersection of the tiny stem from the flower (make sure you have a bit of a stem otherwise they won't really stay on) to the main headband stem.
For the ones without lace, I completely wrapped the headband with floral tape to get it more even-looking.  Those with lace don't need to be totally wrapped in floral tape as the lace will cover everything.
I had to re-shape mine a bit after finishing, especially if you discover one side looks better than the rest and want to put that in front.
See, super quick and saves you a lot of money!  Plus, then you won't be wearing the same mass-produced floral crown as everyone else who has quickly hopped on the trend.  I don't really wear mine because I think the flowers are a bit too small, but they still look nice just out and about.  I saw that Tea, who used more red roses, used hers as a sort-of decoration.  Whether you use them as a headband or some kind of decoration it's a quick, easy, and inexpensive craft.