Thursday, January 31, 2013

"Ladies & Gentlemen"

"Ladies and gentlemen
May I have your attention,please?
Are your nostrils aquiver and tingling as well as that delicate, luscious, ambrosial smell?
yes,they are,I can tell
Well,ladies and gentlemen
that aroma enriching the breeze,
is like something compared to its succulent source
as the gourmets among you will tell you,of course.
Ladies and gentlemen you can't imagine the rapture in store,
just inside of this door!"

 Recently at work our fantastic chef Joe George
 had made the ladies of the club  meat pies.


Which I immediately related to one of my favorite grim musicals.




This summer a group of us went to Lilydale, NY down by Fredonia for the day.  It's a town of psychics and quite a lot of spirituality.  You can go and pay to get your fortune read, or just explore the town and go to the free group ceremonies where they talk about the spirits visiting people in the group to give messages.  It was really neat the first time I went when I was 16, but a lot of the ceremonies weren't going on this time and they had less residential psychics at them.  But, we walked through the Fairy Trail which was adorable.  People had built homes for the fairies of the woods, usually out of birdhouses.  Teresa and I definitely think we could make some better ones to put in the woods by her house! 
It's quite nice to have a full day off, but I'm a little bit stressed out because my dad keeps telling me that if nobody claims the rottweiler from yesterday he'll get put down in a few days.  No good deed goes unpunished, I guess.  I'm going to call the town and see what's going on with him.  I really hope it all works out and he can just go home.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

she roamed the hallways half asleep


Target Hat / Hanes (Boys) Sweatshirt / American Apparel Dress / Target and Urban Outfitters Tights
Righto, so as you can see, I got all my hair cut off.  And that's my new hat!  My room is quite a mess right now but there's a bit of my one bookshelf and some of the newer postcards/pictures I've gotten.  My mom made scallions for dinner and my entire house reeks.  I'm currently burning a vanilla candle and a fresh linen candle; much needed candles, I might add.
I'm currently watching Workaholics but really need to get reading.  I'm reading "The Idylls of the King" by Alfred Tennyson for a class and really loving it.  We had a really interesting discussion about the depiction of the Romans seeking to collect tribute from King Arthur in the first idyll and what this meant to England during the Victorian Era.  (Fallen Romans, equals falling of Catholicism, equals national pride for England and strength in the Anglican Church, i.e. anti-Catholicism.)  I love that stuff.  I'm also pretty pumped because I think I decided Guinevere is another girl's name option for when I have little baby ladies!  I'm currently also thinking Adeline and Dahlia.  Dylan and I have not thought of a good boy name other than Vincent. 
Oh, I had another interesting thing happen today.  This rottweiler was wandering around my yard so I went over, and after convincing him that I was harmless and following him for a minute, I got him to come into my backyard.  He had on two collars but his name tag had fallen off.  I gave him two treats and ended up having to call la policia to come and get him.  My dogs Elwood and Riley were getting super anxious about a strange dog being in the yard.  I don't know what happened after they came and picked him up, but I really hope he found his way home!  He was super sweet and absolutely adorable.  Here he is, just chilling in my yard, ready to go home!
Goodnight all!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

sculpture park

Even though it's very rainy out today, it feels like it's finally getting to be spring.  And this is good because I've been craving summer literally since autumn.  So, for nostalgia's sake, here's some pictures from a trip to Griffis Sculpture Park from the summertime.

Teresa in the castle!



He's just so handsome.

State Park

These are a few photo's I've made from  Letchworthe,
And that's Em!

Friday, January 25, 2013

friends, monks, and a mandala

I just got home from a late sushi dinner with these two ladies.  This hardly even shows us, but I've always loved this picture.  The blonde one, that's Laura, and she's going to Paris super soon.  So, being old and dear friends (we've all been friends since the 7th grade!) we had to have a bit of a girl's night.  Ah, it's so nice to have friends that you've had for a really long time.  That's how you really can tell how much you've grown, but also how much you've stayed the same.
By the way, do you think I could fit in in England?  I've really been having a hard time deciding where to study abroad, but today I was thinking, "well, I'm an English major...where better to study English literature than England?"  Kind of a stupid revelation, but seriously.  (Plus, there are almost no study abroad programs to the Netherlands.)

At the first university I went to, I got to see Buddhist monks make a mandala.  It was really really interesting, and as you can see, the mandala was beautiful.  At the time I was still intrigued by Eastern philosophies, but last semester I took an Eastern Phil class and I just lost all interest in it.  I think philosophy classes do that to you: it's significantly more interesting before and after, but during it just it boring as hell.  That's why I decided to stay an English major and abandon philosophy.  And honestly, I'm so much more interested in reading the Bible nowadays than various Eastern texts.  The Bible is just chalk full of crazy good stories and literary devices.  I'm not interested in Christianity as a religion for myself, but in the texts as literature.  Nonethless, getting to see this mandala in the making was inspiring!  The monks were so peaceful and calming.


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Modernismo/Art Nouveau

I've been finding some of the best little things lately!
I plan on fashioning this into a necklace. So my first thought was to show it to Nate's Dad who's a spectacular jeweler/stone-setter/engraver/artist, &we started discussing thee history behind thee art.  Both agreeing our favorite parts about it were how the architects always 
tried to harmonize with the natural environment, &the fact it was inspired by
natural forms &structures. Which were not only in flowers, and plants but also in curved lines and roundabouts. Any way.....

Here's one of the More Popular forms,
the only type of posters i really admire.
& I'll drown you in photo's I've collected over time of this specific type.

actually I'll just end here.



One of my favorite summertime activities are the Buffalo Garden Walks.  The above three are some beautiful gardens in Allentown!  I cannot wait to have my own garden when I move out (my mom already keeps a pretty extensive vegetable garden in the summer).   

Morning glories are my absolute favorite flower.  They have the most vibrant colors and I think it's really neat that they only bloom in the morning. 


But, summer isn't all year long, so the pictures above are from the Botanical Gardens in South Buffalo.  They have the cutest little displays everywhere.
I've got to get working on my homework for tomorrow; I'm reading the play "Money" by Edward Bulwer-Lytton for Victorian Literature.  Since I haven't said it before, I'll say it now: I'm an English major, so I spend the majority of my time reading.  I dont' really have any cool hobbies and I'm not particularly artistic, but I truly love reading.  I wanted to do a post about my favorite books, but my dad is currently borrowing one of them and I'm not quite sure where he put it!  And just because I'm pretty frustrated with my hair lately, I'll leave you with a picture of a day when I actually liked how my hair looked (plus, the little sailor top is fantastic.  Teresa actually found this little gem and gave it to me.  It's just too cute!).