Thursday, March 7, 2013

slaving for bread, sir

Delaware Park 

A backyard garden in Allentown 

My boyfriend's dog, Bandit 

 Rochester, NY
Karma at the Albright Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo
These are some of my favorite pictures off my instagram, @emmclipse.  I hope to get back into posting once this week is over...tomorrow.  I have an essay on despair in the works of Soren Kierkegaard (read!  Especially if you're into existentialism, Christianity, and just straight-up awesome writing and philosophy) due sometime by Saturday morning.  I'm pretty good with writing papers on literature, but philosophy papers are another sort of demon.  I never know how much criticism or interpretationg I'm supposed to do.  But, I'm holding onto the fact that I researched and wrote a nine page term paper in one day, on a philosopher I never read before, and got a B- on it at my last university. 
Starting Friday at 1:50pm....

Spring break, bitches!