Thursday, March 7, 2013

slaving for bread, sir

Delaware Park 

A backyard garden in Allentown 

My boyfriend's dog, Bandit 

 Rochester, NY
Karma at the Albright Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo
These are some of my favorite pictures off my instagram, @emmclipse.  I hope to get back into posting once this week is over...tomorrow.  I have an essay on despair in the works of Soren Kierkegaard (read!  Especially if you're into existentialism, Christianity, and just straight-up awesome writing and philosophy) due sometime by Saturday morning.  I'm pretty good with writing papers on literature, but philosophy papers are another sort of demon.  I never know how much criticism or interpretationg I'm supposed to do.  But, I'm holding onto the fact that I researched and wrote a nine page term paper in one day, on a philosopher I never read before, and got a B- on it at my last university. 
Starting Friday at 1:50pm....

Spring break, bitches!

Monday, March 4, 2013

black and white and lace and flower crowns

After coming home late this week-end.

Black and white blouse Forever21 $15 / Purple skirt PacSun Gift / Polka dot socks Forever21 $5 / Brogues Indigo by Clarks Gift
The last three pictures are my work-outfit from yesterday.  Cat wanted to get in the photos, but once I picked her up, you tell she really isn't very pleased.  I got a nice pair of dress pants from work because they were super on sale.  They're not anything I would usually pick out because their totally wide-legged and teal, but once I put them on they looked really lovely.  They're high-waisted with little sailor buttons.  I have to take them in a bit because their just a tad too long, but they were only like $8 so no biggie.
So, I see that flower crowns are super in at the moment.  I also saw that Urban Outfitters is charging like $20 for one.  Well, here's a super quick DIY to avoid being ripped off for something that literally costs about $5 to make.  Tea and I had made flower crowns last summer, so here's mine:
(Sorry I don't have pictures of the making-in-action, but we didn't have a blog at the time, and they're super easy anyways so you should be able to follow.)
You need:
Fake flowers (I found that the larger ones look nicer than the buds)
Floral tape
Maybe pliers, depending on how bendy your stems are
A spool of lace
Pick a flower that's got a nice stem and use that for the actual headband part.
Wrap it around your head to get it in the shape you want and secure with the floral tape.
Pick of the flowers from their stems that you want to use, and either totally arrange them around the main stem at once, or arrange as you go.  Secure each with floral tape.  I just wrapped the tape a few times around the intersection of the tiny stem from the flower (make sure you have a bit of a stem otherwise they won't really stay on) to the main headband stem.
For the ones without lace, I completely wrapped the headband with floral tape to get it more even-looking.  Those with lace don't need to be totally wrapped in floral tape as the lace will cover everything.
I had to re-shape mine a bit after finishing, especially if you discover one side looks better than the rest and want to put that in front.
See, super quick and saves you a lot of money!  Plus, then you won't be wearing the same mass-produced floral crown as everyone else who has quickly hopped on the trend.  I don't really wear mine because I think the flowers are a bit too small, but they still look nice just out and about.  I saw that Tea, who used more red roses, used hers as a sort-of decoration.  Whether you use them as a headband or some kind of decoration it's a quick, easy, and inexpensive craft.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Soco Amaretto Lime

 [Zara women Blouse, Judy Knapp California skirt 
Christmas gifted tights, American Apparel Bloomers]

Today at work we hosted this large interior design get together,
It was very interesting with all the patterns  and color schemes they  all thought were the most wonderful thing on the planet, The rug templates they were showing, and a few knick-knacks of the Chrysler building in NYC. Which reminded me of  the movie Annie immediately! With mean  Ms. Hannigan all  sorts of hungover scowling at the girls to scrub the floors. After work though, Nate & I went to visit our friends at the hospital to congratulate them on being new parents! They're little family is so adorable! Well i better head off to finish up some packing,  finally moving day is almost here! Good night

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

keep positive

My mantra until next Friday.
I'm getting super alkjlajdbsjweiwueaijsd feeling over the homework and exams coming up over the next week.  I'm considering asking one professor for an extension on a paper simply because I'd like to actually be able to put thought into it. 
But, after next Friday, it's Spring Break.  And I'm doing only good stuff.  I want to spend time on some DIY projects, catching up on reading, finally paint my nails...that sounds cheesy, but really!  Sometimes you just need to do your nails and life is a little bit better.  When my nails are a mess, you know my life is a mess.
These pictures are really shitty, but I don't feel like hauling out my camera at the moment. 
Today Dylan and I went to the Antique Mall and a chocolate shop for a little date day.  We're working on moving out really soon, we figured we'd look for some thrifty antique things for an apartment.  I found this hand-painted canister for $5, and I think it'd be really cute to hold tea bags.  My picture of the full side just would not upload, sorry!  They have a lot of really nice hats but I didn't feel like dropping between $20-$50 on a hat I'd probably be nervous to wear.  Maybe another day.  I'm pretty pumped about having tried ice cream at this chocolate shop because it's way cheaper than at most places, well and super tasty.  You even have the option to get a shot of hot fudge at the bottom of a cone...yeah, definitely trying that sometime.  I got a hot fudge sundae with moose tracks ice cream and Dylan got a maple walnut small cone for $1.95 each; not a bad price at all! 
The (technically-speaking) second Valentine's Day that we were dating we went to see The Wolfman and planned to get Cold Stone Creamery and walked from the theatre to the shop, only to discover it had closed like half an hour before we got there.  It was so cold out, but that's one of those things that you just don't forget! 
I don't think I'll be posting too many new things over the next week, for the school reasons as stated before.  My brain is still just pretty hyped up at the moment from the essay I'm working on.  It's a post-modern reading of the femininity in "The Narrative of the Life of Henry Bibb" by Henry Bibb, "Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl" by Harriet Jacobs, and "Louisa Picquet, the Octoroon" by Hiram Mattison.  I like it, but essays get very tiring! 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Letchworth, la deuxième fois

A view of the Mount Morris Dam.


A month or so ago I posted pictures of the first time that I went to Letchworth State Park.  When Dylan and I went the second time, we traversed much less of the park (we had no idea where we were walking before!) and walked on the High Bridge.  According to Letchworth Park History the high bridge is 243 ft high and is the longest and highest wooden bridge in America.  And remember, this is over a waterfall to it looks a lot higher from the ground!  It offers some spectacular views but definitely is a littttttttle bit terrifying.  I still haven't walked all the way across it, but maybe someday!
I didn't go to school yesterday since I wasn't feeling so well and I never have school Tuesday, so it's been nice to have two days off.  I've just been getting some homework done; never as much as I hope!  I'm going to make some stir-fry, keep reading Great Expectations, and work on an essay.  I'm pretty excited for tomorrow because Dylan and I have nice date-day planned :)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

the girl's room

Hello, all, and welcome to a post of people in real life!  We were going to watch the new Katt Williams special but the boys were super in the zone and we were being just too chatty-Kathies,
so Tea and I went and took many wonderful photos.
Then Matt decided he neeeeeeded to invade the bathroom when it had clearly become the girl's club.  Mo clearly wanted to be in a picture but only under his terms.  Oje was also not having the picture-taking business.  So we were superwomen of the kitchen, stirring shit and heating up water for that tea.

Saturday, February 23, 2013


Blouse Second-Hand Gift / Skirt PacSun Gift
So this fantastic collar-blouse was from Teresa, whom people seem to just give all of their grandma's old vintage clothing to!  It's great, haha.  The last picture is such a silly angle, so MySpace and/or ghetto girls trying to show of their big booty or whatever they do, but I felt the outfit was a bit goofy so it's only fitting.  This skirt is super comfortable for being a 'body-con' (ugh, I hate that phrase) mini-skirt and the pattern is just so interesting.  I was in a rush getting dressed before work and threw this all together.
I cannot wait to get out for the night; I'm definitely in need of some non-school, non-work, non-stress time.  And hopefully Teresa and I will get some pictures together for the blog, for once!

Friday, February 22, 2013

regarding this illusion


Sweater Thrifted $5 / Dress American Apparel $5 / Leggings Garage Gift / Socks American Apparel Gift

I've been eyeing up this necklace/neck-plate/thingy (I don't know exactly what to call it) at my work for a few weeks now and it was quite on sale this weekend, for only $4.86!  It is just way too cool.

I got my bathing suit and free gift leggings in the mail from American Apparel today!  I have the most irrational excitement from a.) getting things in the post and b.) getting my orders from American Apparel in the post.  I was a bit concerned after ordering a high-waist bathing suit bottom that you wouldn't be able to see the tattoo on my lower back, because I'm incredibly egotistical, but no worries!  The top of it is quite visible. 
Another good thing about summertime is it gives you a lot more motivation regarding working out.  My boyfriend is studying exercise science and to become a personal trainer, so he's gotten me into working out.  I used to play field hockey, do some dance classes, and was in the marching band for a few years, so I'm not not used to working out.  I do enjoy it!  I'm just not as serious about it as he'd like me to be.  With knowing full-well I'll actually be wearing this in front of a lot of other people at Bisco, I'm going to work a lot more on my butt, haha.  I saw this absolutely beautiful woman at the gym and I decided her body was my goal!  She's similar to me in height and weight just more muscular and toned (sorry, Dylan!) looking.
I was also pretty pumped today about finally wearing the brillant sweater in the first set of pictures.  I got it when Teresa and I went to the thrift store a few weekends ago and it was just too fantastic to pass up.  I was a little concerned about looking too hipster, but I think I succeeded in avoiding heading down that dangerous path.  I mean, it's hard to wear anything from a thrift store, particularly a sweater with crazy shoulder details, and not be pinned as a hipster.  Oh well.  I liked it!

It's funny how when I was younger I really didn't like my profile, especially not in pictures.  Nowadays, clearly, it's one of my favorite 'poses'!  I'm still trying to figure out how to hold my face in a straight-on photo.
I'm off to go make some tea and relax with television and some nail painting.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

those are my band-aids

The weird things that people say when you're not a part of the conversation.
This is such a comfy lounge outfit and I feel like it matches the clean linen candle presently burning in my room. 
I am not very pleased with my homework assignments today. 
I really think this whole linguistics business is just not my thing because I absolutely hate reading out of textbooks.  I just read the words and don't remember anything.  Some of it, like stuff regarding dialects, is interesting but I can't remember the difference between a fricative and an affricate to save my life.  And I don't really care.
God, english and reading regular books is just so much better.  Give me a 600 page book any day and I can guarantee that I'll enjoy it more than one chapter in my linguistics textbook.
Jacket H&M Gift / Tee-Shirt BDG at Urban Outfitters Gift / Cardigan Forever21 $22.50 / Shorts PacSun $10
I'm getting really sick of picking out winter outfits.  This is an old outfit from this one unseasonably warm day in the fall.  I really like the lace on these shorts but they're superrrr short and I kind of made the material weird by using a fabric softener sheet with them.  I can't wait until it's warm enough where I can wear this jacket!  I absolutely love it.
Dress Forever21 $5
Another older outfit, but I'm procrastinating from reading The Subjection of Women.  I'm so glad I picked out this dress like, three years ago when this style was not what I was really into.  I don't even remember how I dressed three years ago!  I think I had a lot more patterened tights, wore these thigh-high black boots, and this skirt I bought in France.  Oh, look!  Finally a picture where you can (almost) clearly see my one tattoo.  How very splendid.   
 Some of the Camp Bisco line-up has been announced and I can't stop packing my clothes in my head.  I'm definitely going to be bringing along some goofy clothes I don't usually wear.  I just cannot wait to finally experience Bisco :)



I thought this picture demonstrates perfectly
 our  expressions for the next two weeks.

We've been sooo busy the past week between appointments, his school, my work, (which was supposed to be closed i might add.) Cleaning, shopping, planning and organizing.
It's hard to catch a break, once  I'm going, it's so very hard to stop.
Nonetheless though I'm taking a quick rest this morning to share. I feel like i haven't 
been posting on her much, probably, well obviously because I actually haven't
so here's a long one!

The weekends just around the corner which is when we are completely starting to move,
were moving more in the city. Which shall be fantastic seen as it's closer to friends, family,
 my work, and his school.  Gah moving is exciting and stressful at the same time.
At first i was super psyched, but lately stressed. 
haha, I should just  calm down though,
 I'm pretty sure we have everything.

(some of my photos from last year)
 Hey is anyone else pumped for spring?


Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Cardigan H&M $10 / Tee-Shirt BDG at Urban Outfitters Gift / Jeans Volcom at TJ Maxx $10
Sorry for the multiple butt pictures, but there's just something about these jeans.  I don't really like howww destroyed they are, but they're the only more boyfriend-fit-ish and actually really-well fitting jeans I own.  I'm getting quite tired of most of mine, to be honest.  This tee-shirt on the other hand, is the best plain tee-shirt I own.  Unfortunately, because of the amount that I've worn it over the years, it's developed quite a number of tiny holes.  Even more unfortunately, the black tee-shirt BDG currently makes is terrible.  It's that stupid burn-out material; like, this shirt is see-through enough as it is and you're going to make it burn out?  No.  Unacceptable. 
And I totally did not plan that picture with my cat, but evidently we were thinking alike.
A lot of people are really big about having dreams, like life goals and setting them and achieving them and being successful at life!  I don't have that many.  I want to write some books, be an English professor, model for American Apparel, and have some kids.  Honestly, I just want people to find me interesting and listen to me.  Am I egotistical?  Most definitely.