Thursday, February 21, 2013


I thought this picture demonstrates perfectly
 our  expressions for the next two weeks.

We've been sooo busy the past week between appointments, his school, my work, (which was supposed to be closed i might add.) Cleaning, shopping, planning and organizing.
It's hard to catch a break, once  I'm going, it's so very hard to stop.
Nonetheless though I'm taking a quick rest this morning to share. I feel like i haven't 
been posting on her much, probably, well obviously because I actually haven't
so here's a long one!

The weekends just around the corner which is when we are completely starting to move,
were moving more in the city. Which shall be fantastic seen as it's closer to friends, family,
 my work, and his school.  Gah moving is exciting and stressful at the same time.
At first i was super psyched, but lately stressed. 
haha, I should just  calm down though,
 I'm pretty sure we have everything.

(some of my photos from last year)
 Hey is anyone else pumped for spring?


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