Thursday, February 21, 2013

those are my band-aids

The weird things that people say when you're not a part of the conversation.
This is such a comfy lounge outfit and I feel like it matches the clean linen candle presently burning in my room. 
I am not very pleased with my homework assignments today. 
I really think this whole linguistics business is just not my thing because I absolutely hate reading out of textbooks.  I just read the words and don't remember anything.  Some of it, like stuff regarding dialects, is interesting but I can't remember the difference between a fricative and an affricate to save my life.  And I don't really care.
God, english and reading regular books is just so much better.  Give me a 600 page book any day and I can guarantee that I'll enjoy it more than one chapter in my linguistics textbook.
Jacket H&M Gift / Tee-Shirt BDG at Urban Outfitters Gift / Cardigan Forever21 $22.50 / Shorts PacSun $10
I'm getting really sick of picking out winter outfits.  This is an old outfit from this one unseasonably warm day in the fall.  I really like the lace on these shorts but they're superrrr short and I kind of made the material weird by using a fabric softener sheet with them.  I can't wait until it's warm enough where I can wear this jacket!  I absolutely love it.
Dress Forever21 $5
Another older outfit, but I'm procrastinating from reading The Subjection of Women.  I'm so glad I picked out this dress like, three years ago when this style was not what I was really into.  I don't even remember how I dressed three years ago!  I think I had a lot more patterened tights, wore these thigh-high black boots, and this skirt I bought in France.  Oh, look!  Finally a picture where you can (almost) clearly see my one tattoo.  How very splendid.   
 Some of the Camp Bisco line-up has been announced and I can't stop packing my clothes in my head.  I'm definitely going to be bringing along some goofy clothes I don't usually wear.  I just cannot wait to finally experience Bisco :)

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