Friday, February 22, 2013

regarding this illusion


Sweater Thrifted $5 / Dress American Apparel $5 / Leggings Garage Gift / Socks American Apparel Gift

I've been eyeing up this necklace/neck-plate/thingy (I don't know exactly what to call it) at my work for a few weeks now and it was quite on sale this weekend, for only $4.86!  It is just way too cool.

I got my bathing suit and free gift leggings in the mail from American Apparel today!  I have the most irrational excitement from a.) getting things in the post and b.) getting my orders from American Apparel in the post.  I was a bit concerned after ordering a high-waist bathing suit bottom that you wouldn't be able to see the tattoo on my lower back, because I'm incredibly egotistical, but no worries!  The top of it is quite visible. 
Another good thing about summertime is it gives you a lot more motivation regarding working out.  My boyfriend is studying exercise science and to become a personal trainer, so he's gotten me into working out.  I used to play field hockey, do some dance classes, and was in the marching band for a few years, so I'm not not used to working out.  I do enjoy it!  I'm just not as serious about it as he'd like me to be.  With knowing full-well I'll actually be wearing this in front of a lot of other people at Bisco, I'm going to work a lot more on my butt, haha.  I saw this absolutely beautiful woman at the gym and I decided her body was my goal!  She's similar to me in height and weight just more muscular and toned (sorry, Dylan!) looking.
I was also pretty pumped today about finally wearing the brillant sweater in the first set of pictures.  I got it when Teresa and I went to the thrift store a few weekends ago and it was just too fantastic to pass up.  I was a little concerned about looking too hipster, but I think I succeeded in avoiding heading down that dangerous path.  I mean, it's hard to wear anything from a thrift store, particularly a sweater with crazy shoulder details, and not be pinned as a hipster.  Oh well.  I liked it!

It's funny how when I was younger I really didn't like my profile, especially not in pictures.  Nowadays, clearly, it's one of my favorite 'poses'!  I'm still trying to figure out how to hold my face in a straight-on photo.
I'm off to go make some tea and relax with television and some nail painting.