Thursday, February 28, 2013

Soco Amaretto Lime

 [Zara women Blouse, Judy Knapp California skirt 
Christmas gifted tights, American Apparel Bloomers]

Today at work we hosted this large interior design get together,
It was very interesting with all the patterns  and color schemes they  all thought were the most wonderful thing on the planet, The rug templates they were showing, and a few knick-knacks of the Chrysler building in NYC. Which reminded me of  the movie Annie immediately! With mean  Ms. Hannigan all  sorts of hungover scowling at the girls to scrub the floors. After work though, Nate & I went to visit our friends at the hospital to congratulate them on being new parents! They're little family is so adorable! Well i better head off to finish up some packing,  finally moving day is almost here! Good night

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