Thursday, January 31, 2013


This summer a group of us went to Lilydale, NY down by Fredonia for the day.  It's a town of psychics and quite a lot of spirituality.  You can go and pay to get your fortune read, or just explore the town and go to the free group ceremonies where they talk about the spirits visiting people in the group to give messages.  It was really neat the first time I went when I was 16, but a lot of the ceremonies weren't going on this time and they had less residential psychics at them.  But, we walked through the Fairy Trail which was adorable.  People had built homes for the fairies of the woods, usually out of birdhouses.  Teresa and I definitely think we could make some better ones to put in the woods by her house! 
It's quite nice to have a full day off, but I'm a little bit stressed out because my dad keeps telling me that if nobody claims the rottweiler from yesterday he'll get put down in a few days.  No good deed goes unpunished, I guess.  I'm going to call the town and see what's going on with him.  I really hope it all works out and he can just go home.

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