Thursday, January 17, 2013


Hello there!  I'm Emma, and I'm half of this blog.  So, Teresa and I have started this blog (which isn't a fashion blog or a cooking blog or a crafting blog or a gardening blog or a lifestyle blog) because we have a lot of interests and we're somewhat similar, but also quite different!  I'm not sure if we'll be doing a joint-intro post at somepoint, so here's a bit about me...


This is my boyfriend Dylan and I.  We've been together for about a month under three years and I
wholeheartedly expect to be with each other sixty years from now.  I can't say it was love at first sight because that would suggest that the love I have for him now was the love I felt for him when I first met him in ninth grade and that's just stupid.  He's my absolute best friend and my biggest interest in this whole wide universe.

Finally, for my super general introduction, this is me with some trees that have since been either cut down or damaged by Buffalo weather.  After Dylan, trees have got to be my favorite thing on this wonderful planet we inhabit.  I am constantly inspired looking at trees; their strength, age, beauty, and uniqueness is truly amazing.   

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