Sunday, January 20, 2013

paris, nearly three years ago

I've always loved me some Egyptian hieroglyphs!  Plus, I sincerely miss that hair color.

We had to wait for almost three hours at one spot on le Tour Eiffel, and amongst the writings left by many people from around the world, I found someone who felt the same way I did!

The preceding two pictures are from a woman's castle in the French countryside.  To attest to the feminity of this place, the bathrooms were stunningly beautiful.

One of my closest friends is going to be spending this semester in Paris and I'm so excited (and incredibly jealous!) for her.  I wish her the utmost luck and a wonderful time, filled with unqiue and profound experiences.  I was really shocked by how city-like Paris is; it wasn't the stuff of romantic notions I thought it would be.  However, after I left, I can't help but think of Paris as beautiful, romantic, dream-like city.  I did start to see it was truly wonderful after the shock of modernism and tourism subsided.

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