Wednesday, January 30, 2013

she roamed the hallways half asleep


Target Hat / Hanes (Boys) Sweatshirt / American Apparel Dress / Target and Urban Outfitters Tights
Righto, so as you can see, I got all my hair cut off.  And that's my new hat!  My room is quite a mess right now but there's a bit of my one bookshelf and some of the newer postcards/pictures I've gotten.  My mom made scallions for dinner and my entire house reeks.  I'm currently burning a vanilla candle and a fresh linen candle; much needed candles, I might add.
I'm currently watching Workaholics but really need to get reading.  I'm reading "The Idylls of the King" by Alfred Tennyson for a class and really loving it.  We had a really interesting discussion about the depiction of the Romans seeking to collect tribute from King Arthur in the first idyll and what this meant to England during the Victorian Era.  (Fallen Romans, equals falling of Catholicism, equals national pride for England and strength in the Anglican Church, i.e. anti-Catholicism.)  I love that stuff.  I'm also pretty pumped because I think I decided Guinevere is another girl's name option for when I have little baby ladies!  I'm currently also thinking Adeline and Dahlia.  Dylan and I have not thought of a good boy name other than Vincent. 
Oh, I had another interesting thing happen today.  This rottweiler was wandering around my yard so I went over, and after convincing him that I was harmless and following him for a minute, I got him to come into my backyard.  He had on two collars but his name tag had fallen off.  I gave him two treats and ended up having to call la policia to come and get him.  My dogs Elwood and Riley were getting super anxious about a strange dog being in the yard.  I don't know what happened after they came and picked him up, but I really hope he found his way home!  He was super sweet and absolutely adorable.  Here he is, just chilling in my yard, ready to go home!
Goodnight all!

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