Wednesday, January 23, 2013


My goodness, today was tiring. 
A few days ago, I finally found a wonderful hat.  I'd been searching for one of those nice floppy, dark-colored hats but with no luck.  However, I found a completely different style than I'd been looking for, for only $9 and surprisingly, it's yellow.  On another day, when I'm feeling less down and out, I'll take some pictures with it.  I wore that hat today and paired it with white gloves I got at a thrift shop in the village of my old university.  It reminds me a bit of this hat:

As I was going through Google, I couldn't help noticing how absolutely amazing hats are!  There were so many beautiful styles and I can't help wondering, what the hell happened?  Today, pretty much all you see anymore are beanies.  Here's some inspiring pictures from back in the day!  Women used to be such stunning ladies.


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