Friday, January 18, 2013

the first day of school

Kilimanjaro flannel / Forever21 dress / Anne Klein socks / American Apparel bloomers
    To clear any air that may be polluted, as I said before, this is not a fashion blog.  However, I'd argue that Teresa and I (her more so than me, in my opinion!) dress interestingly.  (Yes, this is probably not the most unique outfit you've probably ever seen.)  
  Anyways, this was my outfit on Monday, for my first day at a new university!  This outfit is actually quite comfortable, minus the combat boots.  (Combat boots just get tiring after awhile.)  Plus, it's warm!  High socks and plush tights are the best for a cold New York winter.  This is also one of my favorite dresses because it has a cute corset looking top and the full skirt is just so clever.  I felt a bit grunge or something, reviewing these pictures, with the flannel, boots, and weird flash-lighting going on.  I guess the bloomers balance it out a little!     

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