Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Last year for Dylan's birthday I bought us tickets to go see Rancid in Albany, New York.  We booked a campsite in a state park and didn't really plan out anything else we were going to be doing for the two days we were there.  So, we drove up on a Friday and left on Sunday, thinking the show was on Saturday.  Unfortunately, we were quite wrong!  The show was on Friday and we did not realize until we got to the venue on Saturday and were like....these do not look like people who would listen to Rancid.  We had a really really nice time though!  We walked around downtown Albany, went to this nature preserve the Rapp Pine Barrens, had dinner at P.F. Chang's (ah, so good), and took about three hours to start a fire.  Our campsite was across from a huge family of Asian people; the boys stayed at a different one than the girls.  At one point, a young girl was practicing her cello.  Outside.  In a state park....  Even though the weekend got a little goofed up, it was still really lovely.