Sunday, February 3, 2013

i never saw you, i only heard of you

One thing I've always found quite funny about Teresa, Nate, Dylan, and I is how clear it is which couple is which, just based on appearance.  Not that each of us look exactly like our other half, but there's some similarities.  Most obviously, Dylan and I are brunettes; Nate and Teresa are blondes.  It just always made me laugh a little when all four of us were out and about.
Furthermore, we have kind of an odd amount of the same clothes, such as this tee-shirt and some Bayside stuff:
Laura left for France today!  I've been feeling very emotional about her lately, probably since I won't see her until June!  Even though in the past we've had some major fights, she's one of my best friends and so nice to talk to about anything and everything. 
During our senior year, we were in play in which I played an old woman detective and she was a wealthy suspect.  She peed a little during one of the performances, hehehe, the scene was too funny.



  1. Haha this is actually ironic to me!
    Earlier Nathan and I were chatting about how you two definitely look alike, & as much as we disagree about it we sort of do as well!

    Come hang with usss!(:

    1. One time my friend's sister said that Dylan and I could be brother and sister hahah, which reminds of when Tom told you two to act like brother and sister in a picture.

      And I would but I have like 20948309483098 pages to read by tomorrow :(