Friday, February 8, 2013

winter wonderland

H&M Cardigan $10 / Urban Outfitter Dress Gift / Target Hat $8 / Garage Scarf Gift

American Apparel Long Sleeve / Calvin Klein Button-up / Urban Outfitters Cardigan
It is absolutely beautiful out today!  It's been snowing all day, which is a bit of a pain for driving, but with everything covered in snow, it's quite lovely.
For our anniversary, last night we went out to to Tantalus in East Aurora for dinner and bee-bopped around the village.  I wish that we could've gotten a picture together in our classy hats and outfits, but alas, you will have to do with the ones we took at Dylan's!  The last picture is of a quick plush card/letter holder I made for Dylan.  I whipped it up pretty quick so it's nowhere near perfect, but it's cute and will help organize the cards I've made for him over the years. 
Finally, I've decided to start putting prices on all my outfit posts.  I'm really into shopping, very cheaply.  I rarely pay full price and nearly everything I own was under $15-$10.  Yeah, expensive clothes always can look nice on blogs, but I think putting together an inexpensive outfit is more interesting!  Plus, I'm super frugal and most clothes nowadays just aren't good enough quality to spend a substantial sum on.

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