Saturday, February 2, 2013

dr. reinstein



Mom's Jacket / Vintage Christian Dior Blouse / American Apparel Bloomers / Target Tights / Betsey Johnson Bag
I was really excited about this post for some reason and kind of delayed making it.  In the fall, Dylan and I went to Reinstein Woods on an unusually warm day.  Pretty much all the time that I had that haricut I hated it, but thankfully it worked nicely that day.  Could I please model for American Apparel?  I think I'm goofy looking enough and absolutely love their clothing.
My sister just got us VIP tickets to Camp Bisco!  I'm super super excited!  This is her...fourth? time going.  I've never been.  It's a weekend long music festival near Albany, New York.  Ahhhh, there's so many good things I'm looking forward to for the next few months.  Excision in March, The Slackers in April, and then Bisco in July.  On top of all the holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries between then and now.  I'm just in a really great mood today.  I had a good time over at Teresa's last night, and despite a few broken things, it was probably one of the most entertaining nights I've had in awhile. 
I've got much reading to get done today before I head out shopping for Dylan's anniversary and Valentine's Day present and then wish Laura a final goodbye before she heads across the Atlantic tomorrow to the City of Lights!   

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