Friday, February 15, 2013

Hobbly hooies

Currently watching "Black Books" with Dylan.  Why are English shows so much better than American ones?
For Valentine's Day, Dylan and I had some yummy tea and watched "Trainspotting".  It is such a disturbing film, but so so good.  And Ewan McGregor, just, ah!  Fantastic.

Flannel Dylan's / Squid Shirt Urban Outfitters / Leggings Garage Gift / Socks American Apparel Gift / Combat Boots United States Military Mom's
Can you tell Ewan's style influenced me a bit today?
A few pictures from the Night Lights at the Botanical Gardens!

Cardigan H&M $10 / Dress H&M $12 / Patterened Tights Charlotte Russe $7
This is quite a long post, but one last thing!  Here's the short my sister starred in.  I think we've all felt like this at some time and it's verrrrry funny!


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