Monday, February 11, 2013




Blazer Stein Mart $16 / Polo Aeropostale $8 / Shorts Gap from Teresa / Socks Anne Klein $3 / Brogues Clarks Gift
I felt so incredibly English-schoolgirl in this outfit today, which is one of my favorite styles.  It took me a little while to get this outfit together this morning but once I remembered the little shorts from Teresa, it all clicked.  I hardly own any green clothes so this green was a nice change-up and is so complimentary to maroon. 
So, these are all my animals!  They go by many nicknames, one of which is 'my droogs'; Clockwork Orange is one of my most favorite books and movies!  The white-blonde dog is Elwood and the black dog is Riley.  My cat doesn't really have a particular name as everyone calls her something different.  I usually call her Kitty, Meow Mix, or Crazy Monster.  To my mom she is Dearie or Kitty and to my dad she is Splat or J.D.  We got Elwood and Riley from the SPCA and Kitty followed Dylan and I inside two summers ago.  I had gotten a really cute picture with her but somehow deleted it.  She was not having this whole picture business.
Isn't that ship, compass, map wallpaper wonderful?  My house has some pretty crazy wallpaper.


  1. I love this post Emm!!!
    fantastic pictures & the silhouette!!!
    Does your coat sweep when you round a corner?


    1. Awh thanks lady! Hahah, it better! I didn't have anyone check it out for me and didn't have too many corners to round this fine day.


  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Stephanie! And thanks for checking out our blog again.


  3. Love it! Awesome photos and what a beautiful dog.

  4. Amazing pictures, you look so lovely! Love the blazer! <3