Sunday, February 17, 2013

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Hat Target $8 / Blazer Target Second-Hand $5 / Blouse Forever21 / Jeans PacSun Second-Hand $10 


It was a very weird-weather day today!  I'd look out my window and it'd be snowing, and the next time I looked out, it was sunny and clear.  Dylan and I went to the Historical Museum and then walked around Delaware Park for a bit.  It made me so excited for the summer, when we can go there and hang out without worrying about being too cold.
I hadn't been to the Museum in years and years, and was pleasantly surprised by how nice it was.  As you can see, they had some really beautiful artifacts on display, particularly the women's fashions.  They also had an English tea set up with some Alice in Wonderland things thrown in.  It was super adorable.  The sunburst-patterened gown is from the Parisian couturier Emilie Pingat.  It was stunning in person and that collar, ah!  So great!
I think a lot of people associate Buffalo with poverty and snow and don't really think it has much else to offer.  Buffalo is really a beautiful, historical, and tight-knit city.  It has some of the most beautiful architecture and has not been horribly modernized.  Buffalo has a vibrant history that you can feel and see.  I just love this place! 
Being out put me in such a better mood than yesterday.  Time for tea, homework, and more SVU Sunday! 

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